Drunken dress making (and why you shouldn’t)

So I got home from a long day at work and Brian had some disappointing news.  After I tied a few on, I came up with a great idea!  I’ll make a new dress!  I had made one very similar before and I figured it would be no trouble. 

Difficulty? The ability to sew a straight line, cut and do basic math after 3 drinks… With minimal tragedy.

Start with a shirt that fits you the way you like. I started with this Mossimo tank (well loved) 

Then some measuring happened. Since some vodka had also happened, I took off the skirt I was wearing and measured the hip width. My thinking was that the skirt was stretchy and the ribbed fabric I planned to use was stretchy so it’s work out the same. 

I folded my fabric in half length wise to the width of 1/2 the hip measurement of the skirt plus 1 inch for seam allowance.  Since I am decidedly what one would call pear shaped the hip width of my hips is much larger than my bust width. Any way, I took that tank and folded it in half, and laid it on the fabric… Thusly

I them estimated then used my measuring tape to figure how long I wanted my dress. I measured 3 times because I couldn’t remember how long I really wanted it. Then I measured the fabric from shoulder to hem (44 inches was my aim as I wanted it about mid-calf length) and cut across the bottom OOPS!

There’s why you shouldn’t drink and play with sharp things. Also there was that time I almost cut off my thumb but that another craft for another day. 

So I did some very unscientific stuff where I figured I wanted my hip measurement to be the hem measurement so them I just estimated a gradient betwixt my shirt and my hip using a French curve

After that it just goes in a straight line down to hem.  BOOM dress pattern made and I’ve only destroyed one thing. It wasn’t even a body part, so I’m calling this a win so far.  I need to make one minor decision at this point: make bias tape for the neck and arm holes, or use some stretch lace I have. It’s late, stretch lace wins. Unfortunately my fabric is navy and my stretch lace is black… That’s close right? Awesome. 

A few days later I chose to take this project back up.  But since I started this as a drunken dress making project… Time to tie a few on.

Once the few were tied, I took a look at the dress. Guess who forgot to cut out the front half!  Apart from the neckline, front and back are identical. So that was a fairly easy fix. I used a stretch stitch to sew front a back together at the sides and shoulder straps.  Then I measured out enough of this stretch black lace to trim the neck and armholes, and pinned it in place.

I decided I wanted the lace fully exposed, and that since this fabric shouldn’t ravel too badly a twin stretch needle should be perfect to finish everything up. 

The lace is hard to see in that pic… 

See?  Drunken me did an ok job.  Even my kitchen minion thinks so!

But why shouldn’t you make a dress while drunk Kiki? Yours turned out ok. Well… Truth be told I expected a lot more derp. I destroyed my one last remaining measuring tape and other than that it went really well.  Still, I don’t recommend my method unless you fully accept the possibility that you could injure yourself with a very sharp tool. 


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